Living Healthy: Making Alkaline Water

As a parent, I’m often very focussed on what my family is eating and drinking, and whether it is the healthiest option. In recent months, I’ve heard a lot of talk around the subject of healthy water. In particular, I’ve heard that it’s optimal to drink alkaline water. When I first heard the term “alkaline water”, I had absolutely no idea what it meant. Luckily, I’ve come up the learning curve quickly and I’m pleased to now say that our home is an alkaline water home.

As I understand it, alkaline water is essentially water that is more basic than it is acidic. Some of you may remember learning about acids and bases during chemistry class in high school. Some of you may even recall using litmus paper to test whether a fluid was more acidic or basic, and exactly how acidic or basic it was. The logic of why people think that alkaline water is better for you than normal water is grounded in the basic fact that our bodies are not particularly healthy when they are excessively acidic environments, as such an environment can contribute to the onset of certain diseases.

The theory further posits that our bodies become more acidic if we put acidic things into it, including things such as coffee, alcohol, and meats. On the other hand, we can make our bodies less acidic (that is, more basic), by filling it with things that are basic, like alkaline water.

There seems to be a ton of hype and misinformation out there (i.e. on the internet) about how to make alkaline water. A lot of websites suggest that you need to buy some fancy, expensive machine to shoot electricity through your water to make it more alkaline. However, it turns out that there are ways to naturally, inexpensively, and easily make alkaline water. For a step-by-step guide, check out this interesting and detailed blog post on the subject of how to make alkaline water. As the blog post explains, you can make natural alkaline water using something so simple as a copper water bottle.

For now, Rebecca and I are drinking alkaline water in moderation and seeing how we feel. I’m even keeping a little diary and noting any changes in energy levels etc. Maybe I can convince Rebecca to do the same! We plan on holding off on giving any alkaline water to Hannah at least until we use it for an extended period without noticing any side effects. 🙂

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