Meal Prep Services to Help Keep the Family Sane

We have started using a meal prep service to make our lives easier while still eating really healthy food and making sure our little girl Hannah gets all of the nutrients she needs to grow healthy and strong. The service we use is called Eat Naked LA and we just go to their website once a week and choose our meals for the week – usually lunch and dinner for Hannah, Rebecca and I and Hannah and can get two meals out of one order.

On the weekend we cook for ourselves but we’ve learned that there just isn’t enough time during the week to do it all so this service comes in really handy. We usually grocery shop Friday night for our food for Saturday and Sunday and then make lots of nice family dinner together those days. This services also stops us from going out for lunch which can add up and isn’t always that healthy.

We also make our own breakfasts in the morning since those are really easy – usually a smoothies or or some sort of egg and veggie scramble. Anyways I just wanted to pass this on in case it helps any of your other busy professional parents in LA!