Time Needs to Slow Down

I feel like our beautiful daughter Hannah is growing up way too quickly. Every day she grows and changes so much and it makes us so aware if how quickly time passes and how we need to appreciate every moment. In that sense, we are so lucky to have the reminder to slow down. In another sense, life is so busy and it’s really hard to slow down yet accomplish everything we want to. I’m still learning how to balance it all, but I know for me my health and family come before everything. They are the most valuable things to me and things I will spend any amount of energy to keep safe and close. Work is demanding which can make this challenging as a Dad and husband but I do my best. I think Rebecca and Hannah know that too and appreciate what I do for them and our family. I do wish I could spend more time with them, but unfortunately work calls for 8 hours a day. Maybe that won’t always be the case or there will be more flexibility there. I think about it all the time.

What do you guys think? What matters most to you and how to do balance it all?