Fall Vibes

Fall is supposedly “here” although in LA it doesn’t always feel like it. We’ve had a very warm fall and while the days are becoming shorter, when you look outside at noon it looks like a summer’s day to me.

One thing I miss about the mid-west is the beautiful falls we would have. All the leafy trees would change color and there would be a noticeable “crispness” to the air. I love going out in the morning and seeing your breath and starting a fire at night to keep the house warm. I am long overdue for a trip back to Ohio to visit the folks and I’m trying to convince the girls to come with me, but they really are California girls and they love the sun and the heat. And let’s be real, Ohio isn’t the most thrilling place to visit. But it’s beautiful, it’s home and it’s where my family lives.

One of my favorite memories as a child is visiting the fall fair every year. We would go on rides, see horses and eat tons of crappy food like caramel apples and caramel corn and hot dogs. My older brother always made me jealous by going on all of the rides I wasn’t old or tall enough to join him on and I would often cry to my mom who couldn’t do a thing about it haha. Once I was older I loved going on rides with him even though I was secretly terrified most of the time. Oh boys. The things we do.

I really want to start fall traditions with my family now that I’m a father and I think annual trips to Ohio would be a nice idea. You just don’t get the fall “feeling” in LA so it’s a great excuse to get away in my eyes. Now to convince the girls. 😉