A Belated Christmas Update

I’m not sure how it’s already 2018 and already February – time moves way too fast once your a father. In some ways it feels like Christmas was just here. We spent the holidays in LA with Rebecca’s folks and it was the rest and break I needed from work. In many ways, LA never feels like Christmas to me since I’m used to snow and cold this time of the year back home in Ohio. Sitting by the pool Christmas day is a little different haha. But it was so nice to spend some time relaxing in our city and being taken care by the inlaws. They prepared some amazing meals and helped look after Hannah, insisting that Bec and I take naps, watch movies, and just hang out. I did a puzzle for the first time in year and I forgot how fun they can be. We’re so tied to our phone and computers and for me the holidays really felt like to time to detox from that and enjoy my beautiful family.

Hannah still doesn’t full understand what Christmas is about and we only give her a couple of gifts so as not to overwhelm her. Plus she’s 2 so it’s not like she needs much. She got some great books and toys from her grandparents and cousins, but the best part was watching her try to open gifts. Not something to do if you’re in a rush haha. It’s really fun watching her grow and learn and explore and become more independent. It’s an incredible feeling.

Because we spent the holidays with Rebecca’s family, we decided to visit my folks for a belated Christmas a couple of weeks ago. Finally I got the snow and sub zero temperatures I was missing in LA! There’s something really beautiful being surrounded by snow. It’s so bright and peaceful and really lets you take it all in. Ohio is so special to me and I absolutely love going back and reconnecting with myself and my family. Ohio really feels like a part of me, and I want to continue to nurture that and show it to my wife and daughter as well.

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my readers! Thank you for reading – I appreciate you!